Exclusive Benefits and Applications of Using Cable Ties

Cable ties are widely used in many places because of their unique property and excellent features. They are made of strong and durable material because of which they are regularly purchased by people for their various domestic and household activities. Some of the benefits and applications of using cable ties are as follows:

To tie wires:

These cable ties are primarily used in most of the houses, shops, roads etc to organize, collect and tie the wires together. These are provided with a small lock mechanism by way of which wires can be tied together so that they do not fall free or get lose. This is very important from the security point of view of the people as well.

In Shipping industry:

These cable ties are extensively used in shipping industry where tying of heavy luggage is a common scenario. These luggage have to be tied with something that will not break in any situation and last long. Cable ties are exactly suitable for these types of applications.

In Railways for Transferring Luggage:

Cable ties are widely used by people for binding and carrying their luggage while they are travelling. One of the advantages of these is that they also provide the people an option to slide their luggage using these cable ties. In railways also, when tons and tons of luggage has to be transferred from one place to another, heavy objects need to be tied together. Cable ties are very useful items in such a situation.

Strong and Durable:

The major benefit of using these cable ties is that they are very strong wires that do not break easily if large force is applied on it. They are specially meant to be used in tough and coarse situations and thus have high strength.

Occupy Less Space:

These wires occupy very little space and as such can be easily carried or transferred from one place to another. They can be kept in small bags and folded many times to reduce their length and size.

Flexible Support:

These ties can be given any shape and can be used on any type of objects. Being a wire, they are made up of flexible material that can be bended in any desired shape and at any angle to firmly secure the objects. Moreover they do not get damaged in extreme weather conditions and remain intact.

Attractive and Unique Features of Cable Ties

Cable tie is a type of fastener that is used to securely keep and tie the wires, cables, tubes etc. These wires are available in variety of colors and designs and are made up of different material to suit different applications. These are also available in different lengths ranging from 4 inches to several meters. Some of the important features of these cable ties are as follows:

Smooth Edges:

Most of the cable ties are given rounded edges and shape so that they do not cause any damage to the materials they are used for, neither do they harm the hands or body parts of people. In other words, they are made smooth enough for their easy handling and functionality.

Teeth and Lock Mechanism:

In most of the cases, the cable ties are provided with internal teeth and lock mechanism that allows the user to lock the things after they are tied. This type of lock is made out of wire itself and is secured using the toothed wire. This is very important to firmly keep the wire in position so that it does not fall lose or break open.

Molded Ties:

The head and the side portion of the ties are generally molded so as to provide extra level of strength, durability and security to the objects being tied. This feature is one of the reasons why cable ties can hold large volume of luggage firmly.

Shock Absorbs:

In certain cases, the material of the cable ties is such that they can absorb the extra shock and impact that may come their way thus protecting the object and the electrical appliances. This property is also very useful in case of delicate and fragile objects.

Long Lasting Material:

These cable ties are made up of sturdy and long lasting materials that do not get damaged or break easily. Some special types of plastic or nylon is used that do not get damaged in extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold or rainy season.

Reusable Cable Ties:

Some of the ties are provided with special kind of locking arrangement which can be opened and closed multiple times. This lock can thus be used several times again and again and provides a good value for money for the user.

Thus we see that there are various useful features of these cable ties that allow them to be used for various purposes and applications and provide high level of security and safety.

Various Domestic Uses of Cable Ties

Cable ties are widely used in almost all the homes, shops, commercial areas and other places for keeping the cables and wires together. This helps in not only organizing the wires in one place neatly but also enhances the security of the people around. However these commonly used cable ties can be further used for various domestic purposes such as follows:

Child Proofing:

One of the major reason why people go for cable ties is to secure the wires and the cables and keep them away from small children. High risk is involved if the wires are kept lose. Not only the child may get entangled in them but may get shock as well. Hence these cable ties are used for child proofing.


It may be surprising to hear that these cable ties are also used to provide additional support to some types of plants. Some plants such as tomato plant, money plant etc do not grow on their own but need some form of support. These cable ties form excellent support material for the plants in the garden.

Lighting Purpose:

On the eve of Christmas or New Year, many people wish to decorate their houses with stream of lighting. In such a situation, these cable ties find extensive use because of their ability to attach on the walls or the ceiling and provide support to adjacent electric wires.

Secure the Vehicle:

Many a times, people purchase these cable ties to take advantage of their high strength. These ties are often used by vehicle owners to park and protect their two-wheelers outside their houses. The material of these ties is strong enough to provide the desired safety.

Floral Arrangement:

Arranging flowers inside the house may be a difficult task because they need constant support and assistance while they grow and spread. Using these cable ties is an effective means by way of which flowers can be arranged in a beautiful fashion.

Organize the tools:

These cable ties can be safely used to collect, organize and tie the tools together. As such carpenters, plumbers, automobile repairers and other technicians use these cable ties to firmly keep their tools together and carry them easily.

Baggage Fasteners: The special property and features of these ties allow them to be used as baggage fasteners while packing the luggage. By doing this, people can easily carry or slide their heavy baggage by holding these cable ties.