Attractive and Unique Features of Cable Ties

Cable tie is a type of fastener that is used to securely keep and tie the wires, cables, tubes etc. These wires are available in variety of colors and designs and are made up of different material to suit different applications. These are also available in different lengths ranging from 4 inches to several meters. Some of the important features of these cable ties are as follows:

Smooth Edges:

Most of the cable ties are given rounded edges and shape so that they do not cause any damage to the materials they are used for, neither do they harm the hands or body parts of people. In other words, they are made smooth enough for their easy handling and functionality.

Teeth and Lock Mechanism:

In most of the cases, the cable ties are provided with internal teeth and lock mechanism that allows the user to lock the things after they are tied. This type of lock is made out of wire itself and is secured using the toothed wire. This is very important to firmly keep the wire in position so that it does not fall lose or break open.

Molded Ties:

The head and the side portion of the ties are generally molded so as to provide extra level of strength, durability and security to the objects being tied. This feature is one of the reasons why cable ties can hold large volume of luggage firmly.

Shock Absorbs:

In certain cases, the material of the cable ties is such that they can absorb the extra shock and impact that may come their way thus protecting the object and the electrical appliances. This property is also very useful in case of delicate and fragile objects.

Long Lasting Material:

These cable ties are made up of sturdy and long lasting materials that do not get damaged or break easily. Some special types of plastic or nylon is used that do not get damaged in extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold or rainy season.

Reusable Cable Ties:

Some of the ties are provided with special kind of locking arrangement which can be opened and closed multiple times. This lock can thus be used several times again and again and provides a good value for money for the user.

Thus we see that there are various useful features of these cable ties that allow them to be used for various purposes and applications and provide high level of security and safety.

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