Latest Trends and Technologies Used in the Cable Ties

With the passage of time, the uses and the features of cable ties are constantly expanding and these cable ties have become items of great importance and potential. These ties were invented in the year 1898 and ever since then they have been finding extensive applications. Right from keeping the wires together to holding the hands of the criminals, these wires are used for their great strength, durability and low cost. Because of these several benefits, various usage norms and protocols are associated with these cable ties.

The Color Norm

The usage of colors on these cable ties is not random but specifies a special purpose and application. For instance, the black ties are mainly used for outdoor purposes such as external wires on the roads etc. Similarly blue colored cable ties are used in places that are rich in radiation and have extreme climate. This color code and technology is the result of lot of hard work and research. Similarly the wrapping and closing mechanism of the cable ties is such that once secured, it will not break lose under any circumstances.

The Material Norm

Not only the color but the material of these cable ties are decided based on the applications and purposes for which they would be used. In general sense, the weight they would be lifting decides the material of the ties. For handling sensitive and fragile objects that weigh less than 18 lbs, miniature cable ties would be used. On the other hand, for lifting heavy duty objects weighing above 120 lbs, heavy duty cable ties are primarily used. In this regard, the thickness and the length of the cable tie is also of much importance.

Latest technologies

The latest technologies used in the manufacture of cable ties have resulted in the production of releasable cable ties. These types of ties are a bit flexible and can be released or modified to include more items in the group of already tied objects. This is the result of latest technology that has modified the way lock mechanism of the tie used to work. Similarly restricted type of ties are also used for long journeys because they can absorb the shock and the impact and can indicate any type of damage that may have occurred on the ties.

All these things, codes, norms and protocols have been possible by the usage of latest technology which includes some of the advanced features in the manufacturing of these cable ties.

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