Various Domestic Uses of Cable Ties

Cable ties are widely used in almost all the homes, shops, commercial areas and other places for keeping the cables and wires together. This helps in not only organizing the wires in one place neatly but also enhances the security of the people around. However these commonly used cable ties can be further used for various domestic purposes such as follows:

Child Proofing:

One of the major reason why people go for cable ties is to secure the wires and the cables and keep them away from small children. High risk is involved if the wires are kept lose. Not only the child may get entangled in them but may get shock as well. Hence these cable ties are used for child proofing.


It may be surprising to hear that these cable ties are also used to provide additional support to some types of plants. Some plants such as tomato plant, money plant etc do not grow on their own but need some form of support. These cable ties form excellent support material for the plants in the garden.

Lighting Purpose:

On the eve of Christmas or New Year, many people wish to decorate their houses with stream of lighting. In such a situation, these cable ties find extensive use because of their ability to attach on the walls or the ceiling and provide support to adjacent electric wires.

Secure the Vehicle:

Many a times, people purchase these cable ties to take advantage of their high strength. These ties are often used by vehicle owners to park and protect their two-wheelers outside their houses. The material of these ties is strong enough to provide the desired safety.

Floral Arrangement:

Arranging flowers inside the house may be a difficult task because they need constant support and assistance while they grow and spread. Using these cable ties is an effective means by way of which flowers can be arranged in a beautiful fashion.

Organize the tools:

These cable ties can be safely used to collect, organize and tie the tools together. As such carpenters, plumbers, automobile repairers and other technicians use these cable ties to firmly keep their tools together and carry them easily.

Baggage Fasteners: The special property and features of these ties allow them to be used as baggage fasteners while packing the luggage. By doing this, people can easily carry or slide their heavy baggage by holding these cable ties.

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